Who Invented the Violin?

The violin belongs to a family of stringed instruments, which also include the cello and viola. Among these three, it is the highest-pitched and smallest. More importantly, it is used widely in the different musical genres including rock and roll, pop punk as well as folk music. Likewise, it is also played as part of jazz, classical and Baroque music. In addition to these interesting things, it is also good to know something about its history, particularly who invented the violin.

The Invention of the Violin
Who invented the violin? Renowned violinmaker Andrea Amati constructed the very first violin sometime in 1555. Before that, there was a violin-like instrument called violetta, which only had three strings instead of the usual four strings that are found in modern-day violins. Because of the nice pleasant sound that it produced, the King of France Charles IX ordered him to manufacture 24 pieces of the instrument.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details
By the 18th century, the original design of the violin underwent a number of significant changes. After that, the violin featured a heavier brass bar. The most expensive violin ever sold was a Stradivari violin, which was auctioned for the price of $3,544,000.

Whey using a violin, there are several bowing techniques available like the martele, which is done through sudden and forceful bow strokes. Another technique is called col legno, which is done by drawing the stick across the strings rather than the hair. To execute a pizzicato, a player must use the fingers of his or her right hand to pluck the strings instead of the bow. To perform a mute, a small device referred to as mute is necessary. This apparatus is usually made from wood, rubber or metal.

Because of its unique and pleasant sound, the violin is used widely in different musical styles. For instance, it was used extensively during the Baroque era because its tone rose above other instruments. During that time, it was used to play the melody line. In the 20th century, it became a part of jazz music. Some of the most popular violinists include Jean-Luc Ponty, John Blake and Regina Carter. Other famous jazz violinists are Mark O’Conner, Darol Anger as well as Stephane Grappelli.

In popular music, some of the most notable violinists are Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band and Jerry Goodman of the jazz-rock fusion band called the Flock. Furthermore, this musical instrument also plays a very big part in Indian classical music.