Who Invented I Heart NY?

I Heart NY is a logo made for the advertising campaign launched to promote the tourist destinations in the state of New York. The logo is commonly seen in brochures as well as souvenir shops in the area. It is very simple since the trademark is set in the American Typewriter slab serif typeface. It became an essential part of the popular culture not just in the state but also in the U.S. Due to the popularity of this trademark, many people imitated it. In order to avoid confusion and to resolve conflicts, it is important to know the person who invented I Heart NY.

History of the Development of the Logo
Who invented I Heart NY? I Heart NY was invented or designed by graphic designer Milton Glaser in 1977. Glaser was recruited by New York State Department of Commerce Deputy Commissioner William S. Doyle to develop a unique but attractive design based on the marketing campaign conceptualized by Wells Rich Greene. The designer did not expect that the logo would be used for a long time since the campaign was only meant to be introduced to the public for a couple of months. In this regard, Glaser gave his service for the state for free.

Additional Information and Other Important Details
The logo was inspired by other trademarks introduced in the different U.S. states like the I Heart LA (Los Angeles), I Heart SF (San Francisco) and I Heart DF (Distrito Federal). Other trademarks that have similarities with I Heart NY are the I Love NJ (New Japan Pro Wrestling) and I Love NX (New Cross). The logo was also used by American performer New Young Pony Club in the covering of the album entitled Fantastic Playroom. To promote the real meaning of the special and distinct trademark, American singer Madonna recorded a beautiful song entitled I Love New York to clear the original meaning of I Heart NY. She also performed the song at the Confessions Tour while wearing a shirt with the symbol.

To inspire the people living in the state, Milton Glaser made an altered version of the trademark after the September bombing in New York City. The altered version reads I Heart NY More Than Ever. The heart has a small black spot, which symbolizes the World Trade Center. The location in the heart where the spot was placed is an approximate of the actual location of the business center at Manhattan Island.