Who Invented the Fire Alarm?

The use of a fire alarm is far and wide. It is known to be a good device for detecting fire and some of the atmospheric changes in the air such as the sudden presence of smoke. Most businesses and also households use this to their advantage. With all these things, you probably think that everyone should know who invented the fire alarm.

However, that is not the case. Not everyone really knows who invented the fire alarm let alone is actually interested to know when and where it all started.

The Past Accounts of the Fire Alarm
It was written in history that a man named Francis Robbins Upton invented the first fire alarm product. This was in the year 1890. However, it wasn’t promoted in the market during that time.

In 1969, the device invented by Upton was then initially premiered in the market for commercial use.

The Further Promulgation of Fire Alarms in American Soil
It was years after that first invention had finally entered the United States. Currently, it is interesting to note that there are so many fire alarms installed around the country. According to reports, about ninety percent of American households have installed fire alarms for their use. These modern versions have a test button included to let the bearer check the effectivity of the alarm.

The Safety System Offered by Fire Alarms
Many households use this because of its complete security system offered. While it provides protection for fire or smoke accumulation, it also acts as a protection system against burglars.

Aside from the households, these can also be seen in many other establishments such as schools, churches, and businesses.

The Other Features of Fire Alarms
When in use, the sound it emits may be a beeping sound, a horn or a bell noise. Some devices, however, emits safety lights at the sound of the alarm.

These can be hung on ceilings or walls as according to the preferences of the owner. There are many battery operated versions that anyone can use easily. But, if you would worry about having to change to batteries just when an emergency comes up, you would be better off with another version that is hardwired to your electrical system, and doesn’t require batteries to function.

Fire alarms come in different shapes or sizes. You can choose a square version or a circular device.

Perhaps, you may assume that the early version of this device had few features when it was created by the person who invented the fire alarm. But thanks to product contributions that were not clearly stated in history, this particular device is now serving more families and other establishments and keeping many people safe.