Who Invented Nascar?

NASCAR, which stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is a business venture involved in multiple auto racing events. Its biggest events are the Camping World Truck Series, the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup. Until now, it remains as one of the highly anticipated, viewed and followed professional sports events in the world, particularly in the United States. Besides these all-important details, it is also good to learn other interesting facts and information about this organization including who invented NASCAR.

The Invention of NASCAR
Who invented NASCAR? William France Sr. is credited for the invention of NASCAR on February 21st in 1948. Together with the other professional race drivers, he drafted the rules, points system and other important aspects of the association. In the original plan, they came up with three different divisions, which were Strictly Stock, Roadster and Modified.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Information
Several significant people were responsible for the successful start of NASCAR. Aside from its founder France, there was also Erwin George Baker, who became the very first commissioner of the association. In addition, there was also Bob Barkhimer, who was a midget car-racing star during the World War II.

Under NASCAR, there are different types of sanctioned series. First is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, currently the highest level and probably the most important professional competition in the sport. For the 2009 season, there are 36 events scheduled within the span of 10 months. Its very first sponsor came in 1972, which was R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. In 2004, the sponsorship expired, after which NEXTEL took over.

The second one is the NASCAR Nationwide Series. According to organizers, this is the second most important and the second with the highest level of competition. In the 2008 season, American racecar driver Clint Bowyer emerged as the champion. This is the only major event played outside of the United States. The final division is the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. This special series is comprised of pickup trucks, which Johnny Benson won in 2008.

In addition to the three major events, there is also the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. Held in Canada, this series was founded in 1981, which was previously called the CASCAR Super Series. In 2006, it was bought out to be part of the different prestigious NASCAR events. Another new series is the NASCAR Corona Series. Its creation was announced in December 2006, which is scheduled to be played in Mexico. This event started only in 2007, after it replaced the Desafio Corona Series.