Who Invented Starbucks?

Starbucks is one of the most highly recognized coffee chains in the world today. Thanks to its wide array of product offerings, many people just cannot resist to drop by at its stores and enjoy delicious cups of great-tasting and invigorating beverages. It offers an assortment of cold and hot coffee, all of which are guaranteed to satisfy different types of customers. It is good to know the rich and colorful history of this highly successful coffee provider including information on who invented Starbucks.

The Invention of Starbucks
Who invented Starbucks? In 1971, Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegel and Jerry Baldwin signed a partnership that eventually launched the very first Starbucks store at 2000 Western Avenue, just along Pike Place Market within the area of Seattle in Washington State. During that time, an entrepreneur named Alfred Peet inspired them to sell superior quality coffee beans and highly durable equipment. Some time between 1971 and 1976, the store was transferred to 1912 Pike Place. Until now, this store continues to operate.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details
In 1982, the company hired the entrepreneur named Howard Schultz to serve as its Marketing Director. He suggested the idea to expand the coffee chain into a beverage business. However, the owners did not want the idea and it was rejected in the end. After that, Schultz decided to start his very own coffee bar chain called II Giomale in 1985.

Some time in 1987, II Giomale purchased Starbucks. After that significant move, the different outlets of II Giomale were rebranded as Starbucks. This all-important decision led to the successful expansion of the company. Aside from its branches in Seattle, it was able to bring its stores outside the area, particularly in places like Chicago and Vancouver. By 1992, the company has already increased the number of its stores to a total 165.

Thanks to the ongoing success of the company during that time, Starbucks was able to expand beyond the borders of North America. In 1996, the company opened a number of stores in Tokyo, Japan. In 1998, it entered the United Kingdom market aggressively by acquiring Seattle Coffee Co. All of its stores were rebranded as Starbucks.

After that, the company decided to acquire Torrefazione Italia and Seattle’s Best Coffee in 2003. In November 2005, the company has established more stores in the City of London than the City of Manhattan, making it a very successful international brand. In 2006, its rival company Diedrich Coffee sold many of its stores to the company. Today, it has expanded to other countries such as Portugal, Czech Republic and Argentina.