Who Invented Google?

Google is one of the most popular and widely used search engines today. The company that developed the website is earning big profits from online mapping, e-mail messaging, social networking, video sharing, Internet search as well as office productivity. To help people from the different parts of the world have access to world’s information, Google Inc. also created a reliable mobile operating system and an efficient open source web browser. To know more about the success attained by the company, it is best to identify the people who contributed to the invention of the famous search engine.

History of Google
Who invented Google? Sergey Brin and Larry Page invented Google as a special project when they were students of Ph. D. at Stanford University in January 1996. The primary function of the search engine was to develop an efficient digital library for the students of the university. The project was funded and supported by the Graduate Fellowship of the National Science Foundation. To create the search engine, Page and Brin developed a very useful computer language known as the PageRank algorithm.

The original domain name of the program created by the inventors is google.stanford.edu. It was only changed to google.com when they register the website on September 15, 1997. The inventors of the search engine established the company Google Inc. on September 4, 1998. After a year, the company relocated its offices to 165 University Avenue at Palo Alto. At first, the company only leased several buildings for the business operations. In 2006, the company purchased the properties for $319 million.

Additional Information and Other Important Details
To enhance the revenues of the company, Google Inc. started offering different advertisements related to search keywords in 2000. To keep the web page organized, the company made sure that all the advertisements only used texts in promoting products and links. After three years, the firm grew as expected by the inventors. Google’s acquisition of Pyra Labs showed that the company expanded in the past four years.

The peak of the performance of the search engine happened in 2004 when above 80 per cent of search inquiries on the World Wide Web was controlled and handled by the company. Additionally, to enhance its performance, the company collaborated with other companies that operate major search engines such as Yahoo! as well as AOL. In March 2006, the firm was included in the Standard and Poor 200 index and it has replaced major and popular Houston, Texas oil producer Burlington Resources.