Who Invented the Chia Pet?

Chia pet is a popular brand name of animal figurines that could be collected. The merchandises originated in San Francisco, California. The animals portrayed by the products are the ones that can be seen in Mexico. The products are called chia pet because these are made from chia, a plant species that was cultivated by early people in the country. The products became famous in the 1980s and the early 1990s but the popularity declined in the late 1990s. Making the figurine needs time and dedication from the manufacturer. To learn more about the figurines, let us take a look at the history of the chia pet.

History of the Product
Who invented the chia pet? The Chia pet was invented by Joseph Enterprises Inc. in 1977. When the product was initially launched to the U.S. commercial market, many consumers became interested in the figurine. The first animal figurine that was created by the firm is a ram. It was called as the chia ram. In the 1980s, other animal figurines were introduced are puppy, bull and kitten. In 1993 year, the company decided to develop figurines of different animals like turtle and bunny. Aside from these, it also offered the herb garden. In the late 1990s to early 2000s, the company created animal figurines of bear and lion cub. Additionally, Joseph Enterprises Inc. introduced figurines of cartoon characters and political personalities.

Additional Information and Other Important Details
Joseph Enterprises Inc. does not own a trademark or patent for the product, which means that other companies can produce the same item. To prevent others from imitating the figurines, the company made sure that the procedures for making the merchandise would not be revealed to others. However, in the early 200s, the firm launched products that allow consumers to make their own chia pet. The products contain instructional cards stating the simple steps on how to plant chia seeds in the figurine.

Some of the famous models of the merchandise are the chia Elmer Fudd, chia Bugs Bunny and chia Scooby Doo. It also offered special editions, which are the figurine of Obama. In order to advertise the figurines, the firm launched various promotional items like the Watch-Me-Grow card, the chia alarm clock as well as playing cards. Other special products manufactured and released by the company to advertise the animal figurines are the cat grass planters. These items include growing mix, cat grass seeds and a plastic saucer. Most of the promotional items were introduced from 2000 to 2007.