Who Invented the iPod?

Ipod is one of the most popular product lines of portable media players introduced by Apple Inc. on October 23rd in 2001. Some of the models included in the product line are the Classic, Touch, Shuffle as well as the Nano. This media player has the capacity to store, play and organize audio as well as video files. Additionally, it can play different audio formats such as Protected AAC, MP3 and WAV. The items in the product line have various hardware like microcontroller, audio chip, storage medium and batteries. To learn more about this media player, it is best to start with identifying the people behind the development of the merchandise.



Who invented the Ipod? The product line was developed by the members of a special team assigned by Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs. The team was consisted of hardware engineering senior vice president Jon Rubistein, design senior vice president Jonathan Ive, engineer Tony Fadell, engineer Michael Dhuey as well as Steve Jobs. The name of the product line was invented by freelance copywriter Vinnie Chieco. The company also acknowledged British inventor Kane Kramer in the development of the idea for the creation of Ipod.

Additional Information and Other Important Details


Some models of iPod can store photos with any of these media formats, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. Other products in the line can store and play files with the MPEG-4 format. The media players included in the line are compatible with Microsoft Windows as well as MAC OS. The products can also be connected to a personal computer or laptop. Consumers can also transfer files from laptops or computers to the media players and vice versa.

To make the products more attractive and easy to use, the merchandises use anti-aliased text and graphics. In addition, the items have color displays as well as sliding animations. In order to download new songs and videos, Apple Inc. launched software that is compatible with IPod. The software was named iTunes. The company also introduced iTunes store where iPod users can buy videos and songs.

There are items in the product line that has games. Some of the games that users can download or install in IPod are Mini Golf, Zuma, Tetris, Texas Holdem, Bejeweled and Cubis 2. When it comes to accessories, users can purchase earphones, adaptor kits, external speakers, protective cases and wireless remote controls. Other accessories include audio input jacks as well as external headphone amplifier.