Who Invented the Mars Bar?

The Mars Bar is a popular chocolate candy introduced by Mars Inc. It was first developed at a factory of the firm in Slough, Great Britain. To improve the market and sales of the firm, it launched variations of the product in the different parts of the world. Additionally, the company introduced limited editions of the merchandise in various countries like Australia. To learn more about the history of this product, it is important to know the person behind the creation of the candy bar.


History of the Chocolate Bar

Who invented the Mars bar? The chocolate bar was invented by Forrest Mars, Mars Incorporated’s owner, in 1932. He created the product by improving the taste and appearance of the Milky Way candy bar, which was produced and distributed only in America at this time. The inventor made the chocolate bigger and added nougat as well as caramel. He produced a limited quantity of the candy bar to try if people in Slough would like his innovation. Many consumers loved the product, so to get more profits; the chocolate was mass-produced and was first introduced in the different regions of Great Britain.

Additional Information and Other Important Details


To attract consumers in Great Britain, the company repackaged and reformulated the recipe for Mars bar. In 2002, the chocolate and nougat used in the product was lessened. In order to attract consumers, the firm launched limited variants like the Mars Dark and Light, the Triple Chocolate, Mars Red, Mars Fling as well as Mars Almond. When it comes to spinoff products, the firm launched the Mars Pods in New Zealand and Australia.

The manufacturer also introduced a special packaging for the candy bar from April 18, 2006 to the final day of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The packaging bears the tagline “believe” as a way of supporting the national football team of England. In order to improve its sales and market, the company sponsored an entry of the Tasmanian government for the 2008 Australian Football League. The deal was worth $4 million.

One of the latest challenges faced by the manufacturer of the product is the launch of protests by vegetarians against the ingredients used in the merchandise. Some vegetarians in Great Britain complained against the decision of the firm to use rennet in the whey production for the candy bar. To resolve the issue, the manufacturer used the old recipe in the production of the chocolate candy.