Who Invented the Cassette Player?

Who invented the cassette player? Can you guess?
You probably know that before the emergence of VCDs and CDs, people listened to cassettes with their favorite songs recorded in them. But, sadly, during that time not much was actually said about the real person who invented the cassette player.

An Interesting History Lesson
In the year 1888, there was a man by the name of Oberlin Smith who had a very intriguing concept. Oberlin suggested the usage of magnetic storage in those early times as a method for recording audio. But the concept didn’t push through immediately.

It was actually a few years later, in the year 1898 to be exact, when this idea had taken its existence. Vlademar Poulsen was the person who had invented the earlier concept of Oberlin.

In 1928, Fritz Pfleumer developed the magnetic tape. But it was not that compact as how the modern cassette player was.

Compact versions didn’t emerge until a few years later.

The First Version in the Market
In the year 1963, the market opened its doors to the first version of the cassette player. This was introduced in the audio business by Philips, a famous audio company.

Initially, the European market was a good start in marketing this particular product. Later, it arrived in America, a year after its introduction to the European market.

The initial product was known as the Compact Cassette.
In the late 1970s, this product became just as famous as the LPs in those days.

The first models of the cassette players were actually designed as dictation machines and recording devices for personal use instead of devices for music. It was only in the year 1966 when the cassette player was used as a musical device. The Mercury Record Company was the first to use and market it as such with its first line of collection of about forty nine titles.

Other Music Companies Followed
There were some pressures that had begun from the side of the Sony music division. Because of this, the product was then licensed as a particular free format music product. This allowed other music companies to also manufacture cartridge systems and contribute to the further distribution and use of the Compact Cassette.

Some Modern Products
During the 1980s, cassette players were a boom in the music industry. This was influenced by the invention of the Sony’s Walkman that can be used for the cassette players in the market.

Product sales rose and fall throughout the years. And, after awhile, the cassette player had to stand back and give way for the introduction of another product known as the CDs in the year 1993.

It is really amusing to see the things that had took place with the music industry through the years. From the person who invented the cassette player to the introduction of CDs and VCDs, it just goes to show that music continues to remain as a huge part of our history even though products may come and go.