Who Invented Tater Tots?

Tater Tots is a trademark used to refer to hash browns that are commercially offered in various countries including the United States. The hash browns are very famous for their small size, cylindrical shape as well as crispiness. The side dishes are popular in New Zealand and Australia as potato pom-poms and potato gems. Some companies that offer variations of the hash browns are Safeway Incorporated and McCain Foods Limited. Popular fast food restaurant Taco Bell sells seasoned tater tots known as the Mexi Nuggets. To know more about the trademark, let us look at the history of the development of tater tots.

Who invented Tater Tots? The delectable hash browns were invented by Ore-Ida in 1953. The food was created when the founders of the company cooked the leftover sliced potatoes. The founders add seasonings in the potatoes and mash the potatoes with the use of a machine with holes. In 1954, the hash browns were launched in the commercial market in the United States. From the 1900s to the 2000s, the Tater Tots that were consumed by Americans was estimated to be 70 million pounds a year.

Additional Information and Other Important Details
The hash browns are not only popular in the United States, but these are also famous in other countries like Mexico. In the Pacific Northwest, some fast food chains like Senor Frog and Taco Time sell seasoned tater tots known as the Mexi-Fries. Those who live in the Northeast USA can buy seasoned hash browns called potato puffs or jullienes.

One of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world, Burger King sells cheesy tots to consumers. The hash browns contain potatoes and melted cheese. To make the appetizers more enticing, the fast food company patterned the hash browns after the shape of coins.

Aside from Burger King, another fast food chain in the United States, Sonic Drive-In, sells Tater Tots. Customers of the restaurant who like the hash browns can choose different toppings like chili and cheese.

To make the trademark and the product more popular, Ore-Ida launched variations of Tater Tots. Some of the variations of the product that are presently available in the commercial market are the Southern style tater tots, the Potatoes O’Brien and the country style hash browns. In addition to these, the company also introduced the Country Inn Creations hash browns, which come in different flavors including peppers and onion as well as cheesy and savory.