Who Invented the Whoopee Cushion?

Having fun is very easy especially when there are many practical joke devices available such as the whoopee cushion. Also called Razzberry Cushion and poo-poo cushion, this item creates a funny noise that resembles human flatulence or raspberry. You can easily bring this device to any party or special gathering. For sure, you can easily learn the admiration and garner plenty of smiles from other guests with the help of this simple yet very funny device. Aside from these interesting details, it is also good to know something about its history including who invented the whoopee cushion.

The Invention of the Whoopee Cushion
Who invented the whoopee cushion? Based on historical records, the employees of JEM Rubber Co. invented the device in 1930. Based within the City of Toronto in Ontario, the company’s employees experimented on scrap rubber sheets. After that, the company owner went to the practical jokes inventor named Samuel Adams and asked him about the product. He owned the S. S. Adams Co., a manufacturer of different kinds of novelty products such as the Joy Buzzer.

After the initial idea of a whoopee cushion was presented to Adams, he received it negatively. According to him, the idea was too vulgar and that it would not sell. Instead of giving up, JEM Rubber Co. presented the concept to another novelty product manufacturer Johnson Smith Co. It became an instant hit. Because of its success, S. S. Adams Co. copied that idea and created its very own version called the Razzberry Cushion.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Information
The whoopee cushion is a practical joke device made up of two rubber sheets glued together along the edges. Part of it is a small opening located at one end of the device. This allows the air to move in and out of the device. A flap is placed somewhere along the opening, which produces the funny sound as the air goes out of the device when pressure is applied.

The device is very easy to use. First, put some air inside it. After that, put it on top of any chair, preferably one where the other guests cannot see it easily. Wait for any unsuspecting individual out there to become the victim of your funny practical joke. As that individual sits on the cushion, air is forced out of the opening. Because of this, the flap will vibrate to produce a funny sound that resembles human flatulence. Because of the relatively high popularity of this product, it has already been featured in a number of television shows as well as books.