Who Invented Spaghetti?

If you love eating spaghetti, you may have wondered on who invented spaghetti and made this dish highly available to you and more people from different parts of the globe.

As it is quite interesting to learn of early beginnings of the spaghetti dish, its early accounts points to an even very interesting and engaging history which involves Marco Polo’s time, the early Chinese during the 3000 B.C., and even a mythological God, and other accounts – all said to have certain contributions to the invention of the spaghetti dish.

The Explorations of Marco Polo
An early legend of Marco Polo says it all. As such, it is said that legend has it that Marco Polo was the one who introduced pasta to the country of Italy. This was after an exploration from the Far East during the latter part of the 13th century.

But was it really Marco Polo who can be given credit and can be said to be the person who invented spaghetti? That may not be what the early Chinese people would probably say.

The Early Makings of the Chinese People
In an Etruscan tomb, during the early 3000 B.C., the Chinese were said to make a food that resembled this pasta dish.

Mythology Accounts
Another account points to Greek mythology. For this, it was believed by some that a Greek God named Vulcan contributed to the creation of spaghetti in the early years.

This mythology suggests that a particular device was actually invented by the God Vulcan that was used for making strings of dough. And those first strings were considered to be the first spaghetti noodles ever invented.

Initial Accounts of Rising Popularity
While touring the country of Italy, the English were able to discover pasta. Due to this, these noodles spread to the New World colonies.

The English practice of cooking the pasta noodles for about a half hour before adding cheese and cream sauce was introduced to America by some colonists.

With all these pieces in history, you would think that these were given its due credit. Well, no one say actually.

However, only during 1789 in America was credit been known to be given for a particular macaroni-making machine. This was when Thomas Jefferson arrived from France and brought this first macaroni machine to the country.

Since then, pasta took another big turn in popularity.

It can be presumed that from the early popularity rise of pasta, others saw the potential of a business. Hence, the first known industrical pasta factory was built. This was said to be built in Brooklyn by a Frenchman during 1848. The spaghetti strands that were made in this place would be placed on the roof to sun-dry.

So who invented spaghetti? All these accounts had made their own contributions. And we should be happy and content to be able to taste the spaghetti dish nowadays anywhere we go rather than confusing ourselves further.