Who Invented Lip Gloss?

Primarily a cosmetic product, the purpose of lip gloss is to provide the lips with subtle color, glossy luster and mild texture. Aside from clear color, it is also available in a variety of shades, some of the most popular of which are the metallic, glittered and frosted. Constant use of this product can lead to softer, well moisturized and younger looking lips. In addition to these interesting details, it is also good to know who invented lip gloss.

The Invention of Lip Gloss
Who invented lip gloss? The first ever product that resembled modern-day lip gloss was released by the cosmetics company Max Factor. It was launched some time in 1932 as part of the cosmetic product line named X-Rated. Since then, it became a perfect alternative for lipstick. It provided users with a wet, sexy and kissable look without the heavy feeling of wearing lipstick. The original formula lasted until 2003. By that time, Procter and Gamble had already acquired the rights to the product line, which eventually decided to stop its production.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details
Today, lip gloss is available in different forms. Some of them are available in small cylindrical containers, while others are contained in small tubes. While some are to be applied directly to the lips, others are applied using the fingertips. In recent years, the original formula has encountered a number of improvements. Modern-day lip gloss features ingredients that can make the lips look plumper and softer. They serve as perfect alternatives to fat injections, Juvederm and collagen. However, their effects are last only for a short time. Good thing they are harmless, easy to use and cheap.

Nowadays, it is not only used as a cosmetic, but also as protection for the lips. For instance, some products contain sunscreen to protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun. For others, this product is very useful especially in moisturizing the lips, which are subject to cracking particularly during cold weather.

Moreover, there have been numerous advances for the lip gloss industry in recent years. In 1973, cosmetics company Bonne Bell introduced the Lip Smackers, which was the very first lip gloss with flavor. In 2005, cosmetic companies Tarte and BORBA introduced first the nutraceutical lip gloss, a product with antioxidants. Reportedly, that particular product also serves as a nutritional supplement to the lips.

Furthermore, some products are made from all-natural ingredients, which make them safe for longer use.