Who Invented Chicken Fingers?

Chicken fingers are also known as chicken nuggets. Many probably know this delicious food from a well-known burger chain known as McDonald’s who continuously serve this to their many frequent customers. But was it really McDonald’s who invented chicken fingers?

False Credit
While McDonald’s is more commonly the first thing that would come to mind when the words “chicken nuggets” or chicken fingers is mentioned, they are not really the original creator of this scrumptious food.

So, who invented chicken fingers or nuggets?

The First Nugget Recipe

According to historical accounts, it was really Robert Baker who published the first recipe for this yummy food during the 1950s but this was distributed as an unpatented school work.

Baker was a frequent traveler, and had contributed to interesting changes in the people’s behavior, views, and acceptance towards eating chicken.

While studying at the Cornell University from the years 1957 to 1989, Baker was able to publish two hundred ninety research papers. As part of that academic work is the recipe that had paved the way for the innovation of the chicken.

Other Achievements

Baker also had other achievements.

In the year 1970, Baker had founded the Institute of Food Science and Marketing of the university. Another achievement that was garnered by Baker was in 1997 when Baker was elected in the Institute of Food Technologists as a fellow.

Other food innovations are also credited to Baker. The creator had more than forty innovations which included turkey, cold cut, and poultry. That was why Baker became the “Thomas Edison of poultry.”

Aside from inventing the chicken fingers or nuggets, Baker is also the first to learn how to bind breading to the chicken, created turkey ham and turkey hot dogs, and also was a co-inventor in the machine that is used for deboning chicken.

The reason why McDonald’s got most of the credit is because their recipe was patented for Chicken McNuggets while Baker’s work wasn’t. This McNuggets product was sold in 1980 in various branches of McDonald’s.

A Song Dedication

A song that was entitled as “Nugget Man” was written by a particular band called as Paul and Storm. This song was written about the real creator of the chicken fingers, Robert Baker.

It is interesting to note that the lyrics of the song shows that not everyone really knows Baker’s name or even knew Baker was the one who actually created the chicken fingers or chicken nuggets. But, it is also mentioned that many knows about the product that Baker had helped innovate and create.

While McDonald’s will probably still be the first notion that you would think of when you think of chicken nuggets or fingers, it may also be noteworthy to acknowledge the person who invented chicken fingers that had started it all.