Who Invented Popcorn?

In trying to discover who invented popcorn, perhaps, you would find a variety of answers. These theories may span a thousand years, and hold different theories on how popcorn began.


Corn Popping by Indians

What history has written about who invented popcorn actually leads to the times of the Native American Indians. However, the exact location and tribal group were not mentioned.

Although this is so, these early Indians were said to have discovered popcorn when they threw some of the whole ears of the corn in the fire, and it suddenly started popping like crazy. Since then, they had made this snack for eating, decorations, and jewelry.

Ancient Ear in Cave

You probably have to give thanks to some of the discoverers who found what can be noted in history to be the oldest ear of popcorn. This was seen in a bat cave in New Mexico. According to reports, this ear was found to be around four thousand years old.

Other Known Discoverers

In the year 1519, it was said that the Aztecs in Mexico used popcorn as a means of food and a form of décor.

There are also some accounts in the 16th century about the Peruvian Indians who also used this tasty treat during their time.

The United States is also noted for having grown popcorn and mainly using it before in Mid Western regions.


Popcorn as a Popular Treat

During olden times in America, colonists were known to have eaten popcorn for breakfast. Typically, this would be prepared as a cereal where sweetened milk would be used.

Even during the Great Depression period, popcorn remained as a popular form of snack when other sweet treats came in short supply.

Different Flavors Added

Nowadays, the use of popcorn has different features in the food business.

Together with the natural, salted or buttered popcorn, a new product known as the gourmet popcorn comes in many available flavors to suit individual preferences. With the various flavors added, this makes popcorn included among the most versatile treats around.

There are many ways to enjoy it.

You can easily buy buckets of popcorn in movie houses and enjoy watching while munching on this delicious snack. Or, you can purchase the other different flavors in ready-to-eat packs in groceries. There are also some products that are packaged as uncooked, and you can cook it yourself at your own home anytime you like.

With the fire popping of Indians who invented popcorn during then, to the more delightful product with various flavors to choose from, popcorn is sure to be one of the snacks that people would probably continue to enjoy.