Who Invented the Kitchen Table?

Who invented the kitchen table? That question seems not to have a concrete answer.

Certain Beliefs on the Earliest Traces in History
Looking back in history, no one seems to know who invented the kitchen table. And yet, with a blurry past some believe that the Ancient Egyptians can be traced back then to be the first ones to have used kitchen tables.

Because of that belief, it has been inferred that perhaps these Egyptians who lived centuries ago had also invented the kitchen table and used it to their convenience.

Whether that belief holds true to the real origins of the kitchen table, no one can actually say.

Different Uses of the Kitchen Table during the Middle Ages
While kitchen tables nowadays are solely used for dining, there were earlier accounts that these tables were also used for other purposes such as keeping things organized in the kitchen by placing certain kitchen supplies on the tables. It was also mostly used for preparing food.

But, during the middle ages, the purpose of these kitchen tables for dining started with servants. There was a kitchen table in the kitchen area where household help and other servants eat on.

African Receives a Patent for the Table
In October 6, 1896, African inventor Henry A. Jackson got a patent for the kitchen table. At a time when kitchen counters were not a typical household item then, this inventor thought of organizing the kitchen with the use of the kitchen table. It was then used for dining and preparation of meals.

Different Models Soon Emerged One by One
Like other inventions, the kitchen table had gone through certain modifications that involved different materials and designs. Through the years, the kitchen table also had taken on various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Although the other contributors to the major changes that the kitchen table had gone through were not mentioned, many had been thankful for the changes since these had fit in with their own preferences.

Whom to Give Credit to
Up to now, the question still remains on who invented the kitchen table. But, if you look at various households, pubs, restaurants, hotels, inns, food chains, and others, the usage of the kitchen table had impressively spread everywhere. That is why even though we don’t know who to give due credit to for the original creator and the other contributors who made the kitchen table what it is today, we should be forever grateful that there is something to dine on, put kitchen supplies on, and keep things organized in kitchens all over the world.