Who Invented the Snickers Candy Bar?

Snickers is one of the most popular brands of chocolate candy bar made in the United States. The primary ingredients of the merchandise are milk chocolate, caramel, corn syrup, lactose, egg as well as peanut butter nougat. Based on studies, it is the best selling candy of all time with the yearly worldwide sales of $2 billion. In Ireland and Great Britain, the product bears the brand name Marathon. To know more about the history of the merchandise, it is best to begin with identifying the person behind the invention of the food.


History of the Chocolate

Who invented the Snickers candy bar? Franklin Clarence Mars, owner of Mars Inc., invented the chocolate bar in the early 1900s. The food was introduced by the company to the public in 1930. The name of the merchandise was inspired by the name of the favorite horse of the inventor. To enhance the taste of the candy bar, Mars added special ingredients in the merchandise such as artificial flavoring, soy lecithin, skimmed milk, cocoa butter, sugar and peanuts. The popularity of the food improved when it was launched in different countries including Australia several years after the death of the inventor.

Additional Information and Other Important Details


To attract consumers Mars Inc. produced variations of the food including Snickers Munch in 1970, Snickers Almond Bar in 2002, Cookies and Snickers in 2002, Snickers Marathon in 2004, Snickers Duo in 2006 and Snickers Xtreme in 2006. In the United States and Australia, the candy bar is widely used in preparing desserts presented in special food trades. One of the most famous ways of cooking the chocolate is by deep-frying. In Great Britain, it became more popular when chef Antony Thompson made the Snickers pie in 2006. The pie contained five chocolate bars and was introduced as an occasional treat.

To improve the popularity of the product, Mars Inc. advertised the item in famous sports events like the Super Bowl XLI. The brand name also sponsored several participants in the NASCAR such as Kyle Busch and Ricky Rudd. Other participants in the event sponsored by the firm are David Gilliland, Ernie Irvan, Derrike Cope as well as Ken Schrader.

To standardize the brand name, Mars Inc. decided to change the name Marathon to the food’s popular name in Great Britain. In order to do this, the company registered the candy bar’s original name as a British trademark. However, an online campaign was launched in the 2008 to rename Snickers in Great Britain to Marathon.