Who Invented the Ironing Board?

After the emergence of the iron, many had lesser predicaments regarding the look and feel of their clothes that they wear. But using the early models of the iron still posed a new problem: Where to iron the clothes? That question seemed to be voiced by a lot of people before a black woman, who invented the ironing board, came to help the people have an easier time to iron clothes. Who is this woman ?

The Known Creator of the Ironing Board During the 19th century, a former slave named Sarah Boone gained a worthy achievement that brought this inventor not only glorious fame and success, but also hostile detractors who didn’t believe in Boone’s invention. Nevertheless, this invention of the ironing board was patented, and Boone was said to be among the first African Americans who garnered a patent for a particular useful invention. Its patent (U.S. Patent #473,653) was created on the 26th of April in 1892. This period was the precursor to many other inventions that were to soon to become available to those seeking to make their homes more comfortable,  including wall decoration and floor coverings such as carpeting.

Doubts about Boone’s Invention Not everyone really accepted Boone’s invention. Some argue that this model was merely an improvement of earlier and existing versions made by others. According to these people, Boone wasn’t the first who invented the board for pressing clothes. However, most say that these claims may be inaccurate even if there are actual records earlier inventions of this product.

The Features of the Ironing Board. The ironing board that Boone designed and invented had a number of useful features: Those who had seen the patent will note that the design had a curved and narrow shape. It was also reversible. And that made it simpler for a person to press the front and back sides of the sleeves of the clothes.

Other Early Ironing Boards. According to some historical records, there were other patented inventions of the ironing board that emerged. One is given to J. Harvey and J. Vanderberg. They applied for and received a patent for inventing an ironing board in the year 1858. This was said to be the first patent awarded for this product formerly known during those times as the Ironing Table instead of an ironing board.

Another patent was garnered by JN Brewster in 1867. The model created was a Murphy bed type model known as the ironing board and closet. It was a built-in ironing board. When the invention of Brewster came up, the term “ironing board” was then used and became a household name for this product and other later models. One of the best features of this creation is inclusion of a cabinet for the ironing board that a person can fold, and keep the ironing board in.

In 1871, another inventor was awarded a patent for the first known modern model of the ironing board. However, even if was a more modern version, it is a bit ironic to think that it was called during that time as the ironing table.

While Boone is said to be the first person who invented the ironing board, and had become more known than others who invented the same product, more importance should be placed on the modifications and innovations that were done instead of focusing on the argument of who really invented this since all these inventors, anyway, aimed to help solve the problems of many.

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