Who Invented Ice Cream?

When the weather is hot and humid, it is natural for you to develop a liking for cold drinks and foods like ice cream. Whether taken in a cone or a glass, ice cream is absolutely enjoyable at any time of the day and at any occasion. You can even opt to choose from the different flavors and brands available in the market. With all these things that make ice cream highly favorable to most, have you ever wondered who invented ice cream and started it all?

Early References – the Blurry and the Presumed Original Accounts

The early makings of ice cream are said to be during the 4th century B.C. But there were also accounts that icehouses existed around 2,000 B.C. and have been used by Mesopotamians to store food. So, were the Mesopotamians the ones who invented ice cream? Who can tell when early similarities can also be traced back then to some Egyptian pharaohs who ordered ice during hot seasons in their places?

Truly, the real accounts on where ice cream started may seem hazy.

But there are other points in history that had given us a glimpse of how ice cream began.

According to history, during the 37 to 68th century A.D., Nero ate a similar sweet ice cream concoction. During Nero’s time, ice was transported to Rome from the mountains to be used for making this sweet dish. The ice was mixed with fruit toppings, and was a favorite dessert in those times.

In 618 to 97 A.D., King Tang of China also had a similar method using ice. They made their own ice and milk concoctions – that may be likened to the present-day sherbets. Because of this, the Chinese were believed to be the real inventors of ice cream.

Other Recipes, Other Countries
The idea of the use of ice in desserts was brought to Europe from China. Years after, new recipes for ice, milk and ice concoctions, and sherbets took on a different turn. In those times, these recipes were mostly served in French and Italian royal courts.

It was not long before this type of dessert found its way on U.S. soil. Famous Americans such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and others served this to guests. The Governor of Maryland, Governor Bladen, was also known to have served this dessert in 1700.

In 1774, a caterer named Philip Lenzi of London gave an announcement to the New York paper that there would be a sale offer for various sweet confections including ice cream.

First Known Establishments
In 1776, New York City had its own classic ice cream parlor. But the American colonists were known to use the words, “ice cream” first. This term was coined from “iced cream” like in the words “iced tea.”

Later on, the first known large-scale commercial plant for ice cream was established in Baltimore by Jacob Fussell.

Soft ice cream came into being when British chemists discovered a certain method. This method was said to be used to double the amount of air found in ice cream to make a sweet, softer blend.

Other inventions, to further develop the ice cream recipe, evolved through the years. Together with those things, other brands came up that made ice cream more widely available to many people.

With all these pieces of historical data, do you know now who invented ice cream or something similar centuries ago? Perhaps, focusing more on the accounts that were recorded is more important rather than troubling yourself with the earliest unrecorded history that may raise more troubling thoughts.