Who Invented Coca Cola?

Who Invented Coca Cola?

As one of the most highly recognized soft drink brands in the world today, many people love Coca Cola because of its sweet fine taste and refreshingly nice flavor. Introduced since 1886, this product is manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. Today, it comes in different enticing varieties including Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke. In order to know more about this great product, it is good to learn its history including information on the person who invented Coca Cola.

The Invention of Coca Cola

Who invented Coca Cola? Released in 1886, the recipe for this highly popular soft drink was invented by John Pemberton some time in 1885. Its original name was Pemberton’s French Wine Coca, which was basically an alcoholic beverage made up of cocaine and wine. At first, the intended purpose for developing such product was to treat different kinds of illnesses including impotence, headache as well as neurasthenia. Likewise, it was also used to cure other diseases such as dyspepsia and morphine addiction.

Additional Facts and Other Important Information

The invention of Coca-Cola started out when Pemberton was working as a chemist and druggist in Columbus, Georgia. In his quest to produce a coca wine, he combined damiana, kola nut and coca, and later on called the mixture Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. Because of the temperance legislation that was implemented in Fulton County and Atlanta some time in 1885, he decided to create a non-alcoholic variant of the original mixture. Frank Mason Robinson, who was then a significant marketer of the product during those times, coined the name Coca-Cola.

Pemberton advertised his product as invigorating, exhilarating, refreshing and delicious. Furthermore, he claimed that it brought different health benefits to drinkers. He said that this formula could calm nerves, relieve exhaustion and cure headaches. The business was later on sold to Asa Candler. Coke was served in bottles for the first time in 1894. When World War II arrived, the company decided to set up bottling plants in different areas including the Pacific, Africa and Europe. This was probably the start of its introduction internationally.

As the years went by, numerous variations of the product emerged. In 1983, the Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola was launched. Two years after, specifically in 2005, Coca-Cola Cherry was released. In North America, this product was referred to as Cherry Coke. From 1985 to 2002, New Coke became available to the public. Coca-Cola Lemon was launched in 2001, which is still available in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Finland among numerous other countries. Some of the latest variants of this delicious soft drink include the Coca-Cola Citra in 2006, the Coca-Cola Orange in 2007 and the Coca-Cola Classic in 2008.

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  1. lauren says:

    I LOVE COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mark Gade says:

    That’s fine for Coke … but in 1866, using 19 ingredients, Detroit pharmacist, Civil War veteran (4th Michigan Cavalry) and city alderman, James Vernor, created Vernors Ginger Ale. While working at Higby and Stearns’ Drug Store in 1862, Vernor experimented with a new drink using ginger root, but couldn’t get it right. Then interrupted by a call to fight in the Civil War, he stored his concoction in a charred oak cask. Upon his return four years later, he tasted the aged liquid and found it to be “deliciously different,” and opened his own pharmacy and soda fountain at 235 Woodward Avenue at Clifford, Detroit. In 1896, Vernor closed the pharmacy, and concentrated on production and distribution at 33 Woodward at Jefferson Aves. In 1979 United Brands purchased Vernors, and closed the 1954 bottling plant at 4501 Woodward in 1985. Since 1993, Vernors Ginger Ale has continued to be bottled by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, making Vernors the oldest surviving soft drink in the world!

  3. Schweppes says:

    In the late eighteenth century, Johann Jacob Schweppe (1740–1821), a German-born naturalised Swiss watchmaker and amateur scientist developed a process to manufacture carbonated mineral water, based on a process discovered by Joseph Priestley in 1770, founding the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783. In 1792, he moved to London to develop the business there. Mainstay products include ginger ale (1870), bitter lemon (1957),[1] and tonic water (The oldest soft drink in the world – 1771).[2] In 1969, the Schweppes Company merged with Cadbury to become Cadbury Schweppes. After acquiring many other brands in the ensuing years, the company was split in 2008, with the beverage unit becoming the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, which is the current owners of the Schweppes trademark.

  4. Magdalena says:

    I love coke to much,too… 😀 .. I can’t without it!!! I like it too much…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  5. bella says:

    does anyone notice on the coke commercials that they say they use the original formula. that’s freaky, because the original formula had cocaine in it!

  6. Seth says:

    Where is your source for this information? I am specifically interested in the the following statement
    “Pemberton was working as a chemist and druggist in Columbus, Georgia. In his quest to produce a coca wine, he combined damiana, kola nut and coca.” I believe this information to be true also, but I have yet to find any primary sources that proves this information. Please respond if you have any information about this.