Who Invented the Chicken Nugget?

Many people love to eat chicken nugget because it is tasty, flavor-rich and delicious. This dish is basically made up of pre-cooked chicken that is minced, battered and breaded. It can be cooked in different ways including deep-fried. However, many love it baked because it is a much healthier way of preparing such delicious treat. No matter how you cook it, it never fails to satisfy the taste even those who are considered as picky eaters. Here is a closer look at this great-tasting dish including who invented the chicken nugget.

The Invention of the Chicken Nugget

Who invented the chicken nugget? In the 1950s, a Cornell University food science professor named Robert C. Baker invented this tasty dish. It was actually part of his unpatented academic work. The invention was truly an innovative one, which made it possible to make chicken nuggets of various shapes and sizes. Baker lived from December 29, 1921 to March 13, 2006.

Additional Information and Other Highly Interesting Details

Baker was a member of the prestigious American Poultry Hall of Fame. He grew up in Lansing, New York. In 1943, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. After that, he proceeded to the school’s College of Agriculture, where he finished his major in the branch of botany called pomology. Throughout his academic career as a student at Cornell University, he was able to publish more or less 290 research papers. Of course, one of his major contributions to the school was the Institute of Food Science and Marketing, which he founded some time in 1970.

A music band named Paul and Storm decided to pay Baker a tribute with the song entitled “Nugget Man.” In 1997, he was recognized as part of the Institute of Food Technologists. He had already made a number of innovations, which focused mainly on cold cuts, turkey and poultry. Besides his major invention, he also discovered an innovative way to bind breading to the meat of chicken. Furthermore, he was also credited as one of the co-founders of a machine, which can actually debone chicken. Some of his other major works include the turkey ham as well as chicken hotdogs and turkey hotdogs.

Although it was the restaurant chain McDonald’s that made chicken nugget highly popular as it is today, many people wrongly point to it as the inventor of this delicious chicken dish. In fact, the recipe for this dish was already part of Baker’s unpatented academic work in the 1950s. On the other hand, the patent of McDonald’s for its Chicken McNuggets was only in effect some time in 1979.

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